EW! What’s That SMELL?!

EW! What’s That SMELL?!

May 26, 2021

Life with toddlers can be anything but boring.  You try to keep them busy and do many educational sensory bins that are both fun and stimulating.  Why does ice float in water? Why do those rubber duckies float on top of the water but rocks sink? These are fun life lessons that cause a little mess.

One day, your child starts to experiment on their own.  You find out they flushed that rubber ducky down the toilet to see if it would float! Now, you find out none of your toilets will flush properly. You notice a strong odor… and find out that your sewage backed up into your finished basement. With sewer and drain backup coverage, your finished basement (and the once white carpeting) could be covered under your home policy with an endorsement.

That plush white carpet in the downstairs playroom needs replaced, there is damage to the drywall, your kids are seeing that some of their toys may float or sink.  Coverage starting at $5,000 could really be useful at a time like this. Sewer and drain backup coverage can help you replace your carpet, repair the drywall, and replace the toys involved in the “experiment”.

Life can be VERY MESSY. Make sure you have the proper coverage to help keep your home protected from life’s little messes.

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