Getting a Quote on Your Insurance Isn't That Painful- Personal Lines

Getting a Quote on Your Insurance Isn't That Painful- Personal Lines

July 22, 2020

Lets face it insurance isn't one of those things that the majority of most people look forward to reviewing; every year you have shuffle through all of your paperwork and decipher what is what just to figure out "am I paying too much and am I covered right?". The end result is frustration and you toss it all in to a file for the next year where then history repeats itself year after year because "out of sight out of mind I dont feel like going through the pain of getting another quote". What if I told you that it doesn't have to be that hard.

How do we take something so dreaded and turn it in to a positive situation leaving you happy and knowledgeable about your coverage you ask? Well here you go.

The Initial Communication

First and foremost when reach out to us for a quote we try to make it as convenient as possible to suit your lifes needs; you can contact us via phone, email, or in stop in to any of our offices. When you do so you will speak to one of our qualified Sales Specialists who all have at minimum ten years of experience. At this point we will ask a few questions of what you are looking for so we know what types of policies we will be quoting for you. 

The Information Needed 

After we determine what types of policies we are quoting some of the information that we will be needing are birthdays, social security numbers, drivers license numbers, VIN's to your vehicles, and information about the construction of your home. What really makes it easy for us is if you have a copy of your current declarations page which will list the majority of information we need as well as allow us to see what type of coverage you carry and what limits exisit.

The Quote

Once we gather all the information we then begin to work on our side preparing the quote for you. At this point we plug in all the information you gave us to rate the policy accurately and select what coverage we believe is right for you, we will also prepare an "apples to apples" quote so you can see a direct comparison to your current coverage.

The Quote Review

In no time within a short time we will have your quote prepared and ready to review with you. We will then take our time and explain exactly how each policy works, what coverage's you have, what discounts are applicable, and the different billing plans you can go with. I know, right now you're sitting there thinking "I know nothing about insurance how am I going to understand your explanation?", no worries our explanation are in simple easy to understand layman's terms because we know it's difficult to understand. 

The Moment of Truth

By this point you will have a solid understanding of how your policy will work, what you are buying, and exactly how much everything is going to cost and is on you to make a decision. Many times it's a quick "yes" because we offer superior coverage and an unbeatable rate, however what if you want to review and think about it? At that point go ahead, we do not twist arms and will not try to pressure you into anything you do not want. We will however keep in touch throughout the next couple days, weeks, months to see if you have any questions and to just say hello.

What Happens When You Say "Yes"

This is a whole other process and blog post for the future but just so you know we make this easy too. When you say yes we will prepare your applications and send them to you to be signed electronically, we notify the state (auto) or mortgage company (home) of your new policy, we cancel your existing policy with your incumbent agent taking the pressure off you, and payments can be taken and set up for auto withdraw.

We know that the process is overwhelming, hopefully after a brief run down of how we quote our personal lines policies you have a new sense of security and feel ready to give it a whirl. We make it easy, quick, and painless the rest is up to you.