Some Fixin's of LHIG Auto Insurance

July 13, 2017

Do you ever think “all auto insurance is the same”?; if you do think again. Auto insurance is a lot like building your own burger, you can go all out and have all the fixin’s or you can have a plain old boring burger on a bun. With auto insurance you can add quite a bit to your policy in order to cover yourself properly or you can go with a state minimum policy and have less coverage than a Naked and Afraid competitor.

Our job at LHIG is to make sure you’re covered correctly and that we are offering you the best products we have available. Erie Insurance allows LHIG to give you some pretty awesome coverages that we include automatically when we quote your business. Explanations of the coverages are given in great detail and then it is up to you to make an educated decision of whether you want to carry it or not; hopefully you do. Each coverage offered has its own specific use and in our eyes are worth their weight in gold.

Erie Auto Plus* is a very inexpensive endorsement that only costs $30/yr and applies to all full coverage vehicles on your auto insurance policy. Firstly, every year you are claims free your deductibles will diminish by $100 and will cap at $500 in total deduction. Secondly, you will receive an additional $10,000 in Accidental Death coverage on top of your policy limit. Next, an extra 10 days of Rental Vehicle Reimbursement are given. Lastly if your Erie insured vehicle and Erie insured home are involved in the same claim we will waive your auto insurance deductible (i.e.: backing through your garage door).

New Auto Security* varies in price and has to be added to individual vehicles on the policy.This endorsement specifically pertains to the repair or replacement of the vehicle as well as the loans on the car. New Vehicle Replacement in the endorsement is if you are the original owner and the vehicle is no more than 2 years old, if that vehicle is totaled we will pay out for a brand new vehicle of like kind. Within that endorsement you also have Better Vehicle Replacement, if that vehicle is older than 2 years old and it becomes totaled we pay out for a vehicle of like kind, 2 years newer, and has 15% less mileage. Repair Coverage guarantees that we pay out for vehicle parts without a deduction for depreciation as long as you are the original owner and the vehicle is less than 2 years old. Finally Auto Lease/Loan Security Coverage allows the payment of unpaid amounts due on the lease/loan.

With these great coverages we are able to make sure that you will walk out our doors with the best coverage we can give you and do so at the best price. Without a doubt we truly believe that these specific endorsements will benefit you in the time of loss.

* For a complete explanation of each endorsement you can contact one of our knowledgeable offices. We will explain in full detail as well as provide you with a copy of the policy jacket.