What Is Voluntary Property Damage?

What Is Voluntary Property Damage?

July 07, 2021

As a business owner you carry General Liability coverage to protect you against accidents that could happen day to day. You assume that during your next job if you break or damage an item in your customers home or business your General liability policy will protect you against the accident…. Wrong!


A standard General Liability policy has a specific exclusion for property that is in your care custody or control.



You are a carpet cleaning business that cleans commercial and residential properties. One day during a routine cleaning one of your employees accidently backs into a glass wall divider with the cleaning wand sending it into a thousand pieces.


This mishap unfortunately is not covered by your regular General Liability policy, however there is great news! All you need is to add an endorsement to your policy called Voluntary Property to be covered for this type of incident.


Another example:

You are a plumber installing a new toilet in your customers home. During the install you accidentally drop the toilet and damage the customers ceramic tile floor. With Voluntary Property Damage you are covered, without it you would be paying for this claim yourself.


Don’t forget to add Voluntary Property Damage to your General Liability policy. For a minimal premium you can add this valuable protection to your policy where most people assume they are covered when they are not.

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