Fleet Management

As a business owner you invest a significant amount of time and money on your vehicles, employees, and your equipment to run your business. 

Not only are we here to insure these crucial items at a time of loss but we are here to help you run your fleet more efficiently and improve driver safety.

What can fleet management do for me?

With the right system, your business can oversee what your entire fleet of vehicles, drivers, and equipment assets are doing 24/7. With real time data you can effectively manage your fleet and reduce costs including your Commercial Auto Insurance.

  • See your fleet in real time and historically
  • Streamline your entire fleet’s maintenance
  • Improve organizational risk and driver safety
  • Reduce fuel, labor, and other operating costs
  • Understand how your fleet is being operated
  • Optimize the utilization of your mobile workforce
  • 360* in cab live video
  • Capture and analyze events automatically
  • Crucial driver data for coaching opportunities

How can we help?

As an insurance agent it is our duty to help our customers and others any way possible. To bring your business an effective, affordable, and long-term solution for your fleet management needs we have partnered up with one of the industry’s leading companies. We will help you navigate what products are right for you, increase driver safety records, and reduce the cost of your Commercial Auto Insurance.

Why us?

We take pride in making sure our customers are always being taken care of in every way we can. Integrating your fleet management system into your Commercial Auto Insurance allows us to guide your business to the top tier of safety and efficiency.

We work hand in hand with our clients and companies to make sure your risk is rated properly saving you as many premium dollars as possible.

Contact us for more information and let our team fit you with the best solution for your business.